Saturday, April 14, 2007

Movie review: 300

I finally went to see 300, after hearing all the good things about it. I saw it in Imax at the Paramount (Montreal) and it looked great! I really liked Sin City, so another movie based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller was promising. Well, it was really good indeed. It's pretty graphic, lots of violence and blood, a bit of nudity too, so it's not for kids, in case you were wondering...

A good story, beautiful photography and good acting make this a very enjoyable experience. The trailer should let you know if this movie is for you. The story is about Ancient Greece, when the Spartan were a proud group of warriors, raised to be so. Part of the story is narrated, to let the viewer know the back story leading to the events shown on screen.

It worth seeing on a big screen and it doesn't get any bigger then an Imax screen. Before the movie, we saw the trailer for Spiderman 3, which will also be released in Imax, so I'll be watching that version for sure!

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