Thursday, September 25, 2008

Movie review; The House Bunny

Once upon an evening, I was in the mood for a sexy light comedy. Oddly enough The House Bunny had just been released! It's the story of a House Bunny (a girl that lives in the Playboy Mansion) who gets kicked out and realize she doesn't know much about the "real life". Many scenes are at the real Playboy Mansion, I believe. The real Hugh Hefner is in the movie, with some of his real life "girlfriends", that part I'm pretty sure. What attracted me the most to this movie is the star, cute and funny girl Anna Faris, who was in all the Scary Movie movies, amongst other things.

It's not the funniest movie ever, or even of the summer, but it has many funny scenes. It also has a morale, I guess, but that's not the most important point of this type of movie, I would say.

Despite it's subject, it's more a PG movie then an adult one. You'll see sexy girls, but that's as far as it goes, in case you were looking for something else... So, a cute movie, with it's moments, but not much more. Not the type of movie that needs to be seen on the big screen, although I didn't regret doing so.

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