Tuesday, March 18, 2008

BattleBots headed to an ESPN near you -- now with less suck - Engadget

Another TV show I liked to watch, when it used to air on Discovery Canada, is Battlebots (and other shows like it, such as Robots Wars). It's got humour, action and destruction, yet, no one gets hurts! People build robots, following some set rules, then enter a competition for the chance to win a championship and gain fame. Oh, and have fun too!

If you have not seen this show or others like it, these remote-controlled robots are put in an arena to battle each others, attempting to disable the opponent, using approved weapons, until it is incapable of moving (from being flipped over to being completely destroyed) or time runs out, at which point judges decides the winner.

I hope this new run will find it's way on my cable provider's offering. Maybe it will spark other shows revivals as well...

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