Sunday, March 16, 2008

Movie review: The Bank Job

The Bank Job stars Jason Statham and is based on a true story, something I did not know when I decided to go see it. Before getting in the movie theatre, I even made the mistake of saying it starred Clive Owen, in my Twitter feed. I had seen the trailer and I can tell the two actors apart, but something did not work correctly in my brain. I'm blaming it on the fact that it was a Friday evening. Weak excuse, but who cares? Anyway, I would have gone to see either of them, as I like them both as actors.

The beginning and ending tells us details of the real events that happened in London in the 1970's on which the story is largely based. Police corruption, a bank heist and a possible royal scandal are at the heart of the events in this movie. Not a lot of action (Statham barely fights anyone...), but since the story is very interesting, it was not an issue for me, even though I was expecting it from the title and before I learned it was based on real events.

Good acting and editing makes for a very enjoyable movie. This is definitely not for the whole family, due to nudity, subject matter and language. Nice change of pace from the usual action flick, I suggest you go see it.

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