Monday, June 2, 2008

Movie review: What Happens in Vegas...

I wasn't in a big hurry to go see What Happens in Vegas, but I did want to see it, particularly after seeing that it was getting good reviews on the Cinema Montreal site (even though that is not the case on IMDB, once again). It stars Cameron Diaz (All the Shrek movies, both Charlie's Angels, Minority Report, There's Something About Mary...) and Ashton Kutcher (TV's Punk'd and That 70's Show, The Butterfly Effect, Open Season...), who work well together on the big screen.

It's a romantic comedy of two people who meet by chance in Vegas, don't like each other much but get married after too many drinks and as they agree to annul the marriage, the win a $3M jackpot on a slot machine. They each claim it's theirs only and ends up in court. The judge condemns them to live together and prove that they will work on their couple and freezes the money until they come back in court. Of course, they pretend they are happy when they really hate each other's guts and try to trick the other in doing something that would make them lose their half of the money. As the story progress, the hate diminishes and something else seems to take it's place. Will they end up loving each other by the end? Well, here's one clue: It's a Hollywood movie!

It's a cute movie, with a lot of humour and some serious moments. I've liked Diaz since I first saw her in The Mask and started appreciating Kutcher's work after seeing him in The Butterfly Effect, where he showed he could actually act. Good movie to see if you like silly fun and don't want to have to think too much. The story is pretty easy to follow! :-)

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