Friday, July 4, 2008

Movie review: Get Smart

While I can't remember seeing the original series on TV, I had heard of it and it seems interesting. Maybe I can catch reruns of it some day. But for now, I can say that I saw the brand new big screen version of Get Smart, starring the very funny Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart, a somewhat clumsy but also lucky and dedicated agent of CONTROL, a secret U.S. spy agency. The result is a very funny movie that I liked a lot. Many very funny scenes and situations.

It also stars Anne Hathaway as Agent 99, Dwayne Johnson as Agent 23, Alan Arkin as The Chief (of CONTROL), Terence Stamp as Siegfried, the head of CHAOS (the bad guys) and James Caan as the U.S. President. Two other very funny actors that only have one scene each are Bill Murray as agent 13 and Patrick Warburton as Hymie. If they make a sequel (I think it's likely), I hope these two get more time on screen, particularly Warburton who I think is hilarious in everything he does (he is currently on the TV series Rules of Engagement and Family Guy).

Max (aka Maxwell Smart) kind of reminds me of Inspector Jacques Clouseau, from the Pink Panther movies fame, because part of his success relies on dumb luck, basically. After failing the Agent test a few times, Max eventually is promoted from Analyst to full Agent status and is paired with Agent 99 for a very important mission, to battle CHAOS and their evil plan. The story is not the most original one, but works fine for this comedy. Recommended if you like to "LOL"... :-)

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