Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thrilling day at La Ronde

Today was the annual picnic day at work and we went to La Ronde, an amusement park here in Montreal. I had not gone there for many years.

The day didn't start so great, with the people over there forgetting to order the prepaid breakfast, but they made it up at lunch time.

Of course, the main attraction are the rides and I discovered a few of the newer ones with great pleasure. They were pretty intense, throwing us sideway, up, down and sometime upside down.

The rides I went on were "Le Monstre", "Goliath" (twice!), "Orbite" and "Le Vampire". They all are in the "Thrill Rides" category, the most intense ones. While I was somewhat regretting going at first, I'm really glad I did go in the end. Good times. :-)

(The picture is of the sculpture at the main entrance.)

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