Thursday, July 5, 2007

Movie review: Live Free or Die Hard

John McClane is back! Played by Bruce Willis, the unluckiest cop on Earth is once again stuck on a mission he didn't chose but for which no one else is available, so he take care of things like any anti-hero would.

You'd think that after all he has done he would have been recognized and rewarded, but he's still didn't make it past detective. Here, he is asked to escort a computer hacker, Matt Farrell, to be delivered to the FBI, after he is made a suspect in a big hacking crime. There are other suspects, which get killed one after the other, which is not known to McClane when he gets to Farrell's home. But just moments after he enters his place, things get crazy, with shoot-outs and explosions, the first of many during the movie.

I really liked this movie, full of action, humour and some decent hacking. Computer hacking in movies are often way off reality, but here it's fairly believable. One thing I did not know (i tried not to get too much info ahead of time), is that Kevin Smith (AKA Silent Bob in Dogma, Clerks, Mall Rats, etc) is playing another hacker in this movie. So of course, there is one or two Star Wars references... ;-)

The actions and stunts, on the other hand, are next to impossible in some cases. But that's OK for this type of film and dare I say, expected. We see a few examples in the trailer, so if you're not sure that you want to see this movie yet, check it out to have a good idea of what to expect.

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