Thursday, July 5, 2007

Movie review: Nitro

Unless you live in the Quebec province, in Canada, you probably have not heard of this movie. That's because it's French Canadian. There are not too many action movies made in Quebec, but that's one of them!

Max, a man with a street racing past, is confronted with the risk of losing his wife if a heart is not found in time for transplantation. When time is about to run out, he takes matters in his own hand to find one himself. To do so, he turns back to his old life, where breaking the law is just a part of life. Street racing to get money, underground links to find a heart, he his willing to do anything to save the life of the one he loves.

I expected more action in this movie, but there was a good portion of the film dedicated to it, with the balance being more of a love story. The actors are quite good and the story is also very good and takes place in Montreal, with a few recognizable elements, such as the Olympic Stadium. If all you want is action, you may be disappointed in Nitro, but if you can appreciate a good story, this one's for you! I don't know if they will dub it for other markets, but it is available with English sub-titles...

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